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Runway Fashion Show Party

As a mother of a young girl, I know that my mission in life has turned into doing all that I can to raise a daughter in this world that is not so kind, generous or as loving as a mother would hope for her child. Despite all of those negative things that can bombard a young girl, I believe that we can instill a strong foundation of Integrity, Honesty, Kinship, Humility and, above all, Love. It is critical that we teach young girls today they have reasons for self-worth, self respect and self love – for without those, they may miss out on the greatest treasures in life and being capable of treating others the same way.

So as I spent time working with Project Me on this Fashion Show that was inspired by Matilda Jane, I was more than happy to be a part of it. Before Beauty can be truly seen on the outside, Beauty comes from within First. And it was a joy to watch it this day. The theme of this party stemmed from a particular fashion line of Matilda Jane girl’s clothing, called Paint By Numbers. Since it was a Fashion Show modeling this particular line, it was perfect to call it Painting the Runway! Tonya of Soiree Event Design was a perfect partner in helping me design the custom printable Runway Collection to perfectly coordinate with this party and bring my vision to life! You can purchase the Runway Collection here for your own fashion fun. Make sure to tell Tonya I sent you ;)

This event was Girl Power all the way.

And A LOT of love for Cupcakes!

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Concept & Styling:Christie Skerski of Flaired Affairs


* Photography: Dyal Photography –

* Printables: Soiree Event Design – (can be purchased here:




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