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{CC Post} 2013 Trend Watch


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To all my diehard fans who follow my every move (because I know there are so many of you. There has to be at least one, right??), you probably remember my trend watch blog post featured on The Purple Pug a few months ago. The truth is that I could have gone on and on about the latest trends. In fact… I did… Kristy had to cut me off at a certain point because the post went on forever and it was borderline ridiculous. Well, it’s baaaaccck.

Sometimes my business is actually a business, then other times I feel like I’m just keeping an expensive hobby alive. Either way, I’ve been known to peruse through Pinterest for a few hours at a time (aka research). I feel this makes me an expert in the latest party trends. So, here are my top 5 favorites of this season!

1.) Bedazzled Plastic Cups

The plastic cup is making a comeback. No, seriously. Actually, I think cheap is becoming chic and people realize they don’t need to buy expensive party goods when there is a wealth of DIY information out there.

These trendy little cups were revamped using washi tape by The First Years Blog.

Here, Vixen Made knocked it out of the park with a glamorous version of DIY plastic cups that could easily be used at a wedding or another formal event.

2.) Pop-Song Themes

In case you haven’t noticed, the rainbow theme has been done a million times. Along with the princess and pirate parties. Us party gals are running out of fresh ideas so we are looking to pop culture for some inspiration.

This “baby you’re a firework” party by Whitney Hartmann Photography is absolutely stunning! I cannot stop looking at it!


And you probably live under a rock if you didn’t see this brilliant “call me maybe” party splashed all over Pinterest. This party was styled by Giggles Galore and A Blissful Nest. Swoon!

3.) Donut Parties

It’s no secret: I’m obsessed with donut parties. I literally get butterflies in my stomach when I see a mountain of sparkling donuts in a party feature. This latest theme is popping up everywhere!

This donut party by Oh Happy Day has a fancy and classic twist to it.


Yes, I’m featuring my own party. I’m no fool. I did this donut bar for my daughters 2nd birthday, using an orange and pink color scheme. It was seriously the easiest party I’ve ever done and it became one of my favorite parties. I bought 4 dozen donuts and called it a day! The rest of the party can be seen here.


4.) Pink & Gold

This color combo is an absolute stunner! Gold started to make a comeback almost a year ago, but combined with pink it brings an old-fashioned glamour vibe to any party. I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to it!

There were so many examples to choose from but for some reason my eye kept coming back to this Valentine’s Day Party by Shop Sweet Lulu. Love!


I’m also loving this entire pink & gold party by 100 Layer Cake.

5.) DIY Candy Jewelry

Last, but certainly not least, is a super cute trend that every child goes nuts for. Crafts and candy are 2 of a kids favorite things in life. Put the two together and you have a winning combination!

These candy rings by Shop Sweet Lulu are nothing short of precious! I. die.

Again, another shameless self promotion. I created a cute table to keep the kids busy for Mother’s Day and these candy necklace packages were a big hit with the girls. They wore them all day…until they ate them : )

Hope this list gave you some fresh, new ideas for a summer season full of fantastic parties! Enjoy! Xoxo

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